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Each course is started with an orientation at the course location. For most courses, students will do an English test either on the first day of their course or an online test before the course starts.  World Wide Qualifications works in cooperation with several language schools in order to provide their courses. Students will have to abide by the rules of the school.

Who is the student: In these terms and conditions, students are all participants in the course and the customer. Even if you are a teacher, doing a teaching seminar you may be referred to as the “student” or the “customer.”

Social Activities: All schools offer some sort of leisure activities or social programme or conversation
groups to join into. Some activities are included in the programm price (or are for free). For others there will be an additional fee. We recommend that students take part in some of the activities offered as it gives participants extra time to practise their English, make friends, and immerse in the culture.

Accommodation: Students will have to abide by the rules of accommodation. Especially in student apartments or residence accommodation places. There could be certain rules such as “quiet times,” no alcohol, or cleaning duties or other rules. Bed linen is provided. Towels are not provided in a residence and students will have to bring them.

Host families: Host families will have their style and it is mandatory that students adhere to the rules of a host family and be respectful. Most host families will provide towels but you may ask them prior to your arrival. To be sure, we recommend that students call their host family prior to arrival.

Accommodation and Contact Person at your Destination: Each student will be provided with a person to contact at their destination. Students can contact him/her or the school staff if they incur problems with their accommodation. Depending on the circumstances, there may be a fee charged for a change of accommodation. If students choose to – or have to stay at a high er quality accommodation at a
higher price because no other accommodation is available, the price difference will be charged. If students want to cancel the accommodation, a cancellation feel will be charged. Please refer below to “cancellation and refund.”

Emergency Contact: With each location we provide an emergency contact for you. 2-6 weeks before you travel, you receive a letter from us with all contact details, your contact person, emergency phone, accommodation details, how to get there, and other information you may need upon your arrival.

Minimum Course Duration: 1 week

Ages: 16+ and adults
there are also special courses provided for junior students.

Teacher training courses: only for professionals.

Booking: After booking a course and accommodation, you receive a booking confirmation note by e-mail. A prepayment deposit of €299 is payable to secure your booking. The prepayment deposit is part of the total programmfee.

Payment terms: If booking more than 8 weeks ahead of your travel date, the pre-payment deposit of €299 is to be paid within 14 days after receipt of the booking confirmation note in order to confirm your booking.

If your booking date is 8 weeks or less prior to your travel date, full fees are due 7 days after you receive the confirmation.  

After the deposit of €299 has been paid, students receive an invoice with a receipt per Email. Rest payment is due 6 weeks, with some courses 8 weeks prior to your travel date. Please refer to the payment dates on your confirmation and invoice.

For certain courses (mainly long term courses)  there may be an additional instalment 3 months prior to course start. The payment installment dates on your invoice are binding.

Regardless of the time of booking, all fees must be paid prior to your arrival.

EU or other grants:
World Wide Qualifications is not responsible for your EU or any other grant or your budget. Our fees are independent to EU grants. Course and other fees must be paid by the customer or their school in time.  Not all schools advance the coursefees for their teachers. Most teachers will have to advance the coursefee privately and get a refund from their school afterwards. It is the responsibility of the customer (taking part in the course) to make sure, that the Programmfees for course and accommodation are paid on time.

World Wide Qualifications has the right to cancel participants, who have not paid their fees in time.

Public Holidays: There are no lessons on public holidays. Some schools will offer the first orientation or a leisure activity on a public holiday.

Arrival/Departure: Courses usually start on a Monday morning. Accommodation starts on the weekend before the course until the weekend after the course. Please refer to your invoice/booking confirmation for the exact arrival and departure dates. No refund will be given if you depart from your accommodation earlier or arrive late.

Cancellation and Refund: If you need to cancel your stay 90 days or longer before your arrival (accommodation) date, 25% of the total Programmfee will be charged. If you cancel within 90 days or less of your arrival (accommodation) date, the cancellation fee is 60% of the total fees will be charged. If you cancel within 4 weeks of arrival date, the full amount could be charged with some schools. No refund will be given after the course has started. We reommend, that you take out an insurance for illness.

Erasmus + help: World Wide Qualifications provide certain Programms which include what we call „Erasmus plus help“. This is usually an additional fee charged and is included in the programmfee. Please refer to our brochure and pricelist for details.
Special refund policy with Erasmus+ help:  If you are applying for an Erasmus+ grant, there are special conditions that apply if you booked courses with Erasmus + help: If your EU funding application is declined, €89 will be charged as an administration fee. The rest will be refunded. There will be no other cancellation fee in this particular case.
(Please note, that this special refund condition only applies, if Erasmus plus help is included in your programmprice please check prior to your booking or the brochure /pricelist  for details and if you fully applied for EU funding and the EU declines your EU application on its own accord. If you cancel your EU application yourself, or the course, the full cancellation and refund clause will apply.)

If your course beginns within 3 months of the first notice that your EU application has been granted, the remaining payments are due 7 days . The EU notice is usually an e-mail from your national agency (usually around the 15th of May each year). The remaining payments are due, regardless of whether you have received the actual EU money yet or not. The EU usually pays out 80% of the funds within 3 months of the first notice and 20% after your projects ends.

If your school has already received EU funding, or for courses beginning later than 3 months of the notice, refer to your invoice for information on remaining payments.

Minimum participants: A school might have a minimum and maximum number of participants in each course. If the minimum is not reached, the school reserves the right to cancel the course. World Wide Qualifications will subsequently have to cancel the booking. Full refund is given to a student if a course is cancelled. World Wide Qualifications is not reponsible for travel other costs incurred to a client due to the cancellation of a course. 

Photos and Videos: During the programme, we or the school conducting the course may arrange to record, photograph, or shoot video footage for its promotional purposes only, both printed and online.  Any student, parent, or legal guardian of a students under the age of 18 years, who does not with to participate must contact us by email in advance of the arrival of the student. The same student must state at the time of the recording, photographing, or video shooting the wish not to participate.  Data Protection: By booking a programme with World Wide Qualifications, the customer agrees to these terms and gives permission for World Wide Qualifications and/or the cooperating school booked, to the contact them on the contact details provided. World Wide Qualifications is obligated to ensure that the personal data provided by the customer is processed in accordance with all applicable laws.The customer agrees to our data protection policy on our website.

We care about each student: If students have questions or are uncertain about anything at all or have problems or complaints, students should contact their given contact person or school staff or emergency phone line immediately. Students can also contact World Wide Qualifications any time (during office hours) or by e-mail

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