The following courses are funded by the EU. Funding is subject to EU application. Your school or University can apply for EU funding. It is common practice, that participating teachers manage the EU funding application.

We are happy to answer questions regarding the EU application process, we do not offer submitting the application on your behalf.

Cultural Programme Ireland

Each teacher course in Ireland include several cultural activities which are either included into the course curriculum or offered as an additional leisure programm to you. Some activities are icluded in the price, some have to be paid extra at cost price when you get there (such as restaurant visits, extra excursions)

Dublin and Cork have several walking and orientation tours throughout the city. Dublin has evening activities, get togethers such as Pub and Restaurant visits (participants pay for their own meals and drinks) or to traditional irish music sessions or conversation afternoons.

Cork offers several bus tours and excursions to interesting places in and out of the city.
Galway on Ireland’s ‚Wild Atlantic‘ Coast: Due to the smaller size of the city, participants will have ample opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage of both Ireland by just walking around the local area. Included in the teacher courses are a guided historical walking tour of Galway city, and afternoon social and cultural activities.
Teacher courses (except fort he GEN courses) in Galway include a full-day cultural tour to a local area of scenic and heritage value.

The staff of each school are happy to suggest other tours and events to enjoy during your stay.

Advanced Language & Methodology (ALM)

Teacher refresher course – for English language teachers and educators
1 and 2 week intensive course
Target: English teachers, secondary, vocational (teachers further education), university lecturers

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ALM: In this course teachers will:

• Practise and refresh their own general language skills
• Discuss learning styles & relevant teaching methodology and lesson planning
• Learn creative and new methods
• Integrate with students of other cultures and different learning abilities
• Practise new skills in workshops
• Observe and analyse classrooms
• Explore ways of approaching mixed-ability classes
• Reflect on ways to motivate students
• Address job-specific vocabulary and language
• Share experiences and views with colleagues and students from other EU regions
• Find out about Irish culture

Past participants have taught in the following areas: secondary school English teachers, vocational teachers teaching English or subjects in the English language for business administration & HR; finance & accounting; nursing & healthcare; social work; early education & child care; pharmacy; hospitality & tourism; retail & wholesale; construction; project management; carpentry & joinery; mechanical & electrical engineering; automotive; IT & technical. Primary school teachers and teacher trainers may join the course.

Prerequisite: B2 minimum

This course is perfect for teachers who want the opportunity to improve their own English skills while at the same time energising their teaching with creative ideas and an introduction to stimulating alternative activities, strategies, and approaches to teaching and learning.

As a result of attending this course, the participants will be more confident and fluent users of English and will be more creative professionals able to give lessons and use materials that are motivating, challenging, and effective.

2-week ALM courses, 2 weeks intensiv course. The number of lessons depend on the location:

Galway: 20 lessons per week
Dublin, Cork: 25 lessons per week
Prerequisite: Upper-intermediate, minimum B2

PML/ALM – Primary Methodology & Language:

This course is very similar to the ALM course above, but specifically for teachers of students aged 6-14. You will improve your own language skills and learn creative methods for teaching this age group. Requirements: English level minimum: B1. Teachers with basic to intermediate English skills.

Training for English teachers who teach students aged 6-14 – for middle school and primary school teachers

Modern Irish Culture for Erasmus+ Projects

Educators, teachers, university professionals, event organisers within the vocational training sector.

2 week course

Who is the course suitable for:

Individual teachers: Check set coursedates for Galway and Dublin

Groups: Tailormade course in Kerry, see below “Irish Culture in Kerry”

There are no school requirements; this course is suitable for elementary, middle, high school and vocational school teachers as well as school staff. Requirement: Minimum knowledge of English: B1/B2

Irish culture  course for individual teachers  in Galway and Dublin: The course includes mainly classroom lessons but also some excursions and practical workshops.

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In the classroom you learn about various Irish cultural topics, e.g. Irish mythology, history and religion, economics and politics, Irish art, music, literature. You learn, for example, about Irish dances, and in theory the importance of Irish dance in society.
It is combined with one week General Englisch course and one week Irish culture Topic course. The course also contains aspects of a normal language course and methodology for teachersIn this course you can deepen and refresh your own English language.
There is a course in Dublin and Galway with set course dates for individual teachers.
If you have a group from your school or consortium, we recommend our Irish culture course in Kerry:

Irish Culture in Kerry – only for your group 6 teachers or more:

“Irish Culture and Integrative Transformative Practice for teachers (ITP)”

This course can be tailormaid to suit your needs and/or your EU project. It contains less theory and more “hands on” irish culture. You will do excursions, meet many interesting irish people. Learn about music, culture, enviornment. Modern and traditional culture…

You also learn theoretical topics similar to the above for individual teachers.

This special course takes place in the Ring of Kerry, on the famous Skelling coast, in a town less developed by tourists. A mystical place.

Only for groups of 6 or more teachers (you have to organise your own group) Coursedates can be arranged to suit your needs,  from Mai – September.

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This course covers much more than Irish Culture – again subjects can be altered to suit your needs but here is the plan:

A unique Irish Culture course is offered in Kerry where you will truly immerse yourself in Irish culture, music, singing, history and customs of the ancient “tribes”. It is also about learning “holistic” teaching and immersing yourself in the almost forgotten “mystical” culture of Ireland. The course takes place not only in the classroom, but also in nature and local attractions.

Of course, you will improve your English along the way.

If you are looking for something different, to teach your students using new methods and to introduce them to nature, environmental protection, Irish modern and “mystical” culture, and also to do something good for yourself so that you can be strengthened for the future go, this is a fantastic course!

Irish Culture courses are particularly interesting for departments of English, politics, economics, ethics, geography, social studies, other teachers or EU projects in the area of culture/integration.

Possible combinations: “Mindfulness” with meditation and psychology.

Job shadowing: A “summer school” for young people takes place parallel to your course. The course includes a “job shadowing” part where you can work with our ESL teachers to directly practice newly learned methods.

Please register your group early, these courses are very popular

GEN: General English for Educators, Teachers, and Professionals

In this course educators will:
• Focus on improving their own reading, writing, speaking, listening, and pronunciation skills
• Improve on and learn new grammar
• Receive feedback and learn new teaching methods Start date: Any Monday

Class size: 10-16, levels from A1(Elementary) to C1 (Proficient)

Minimum stay: 1 week. Recommended: 2 weeks or longer in order to immerse into an intensive program.

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A wide range of classes and levels ensures that you will be placed with students of the same ability. After an assessment test, each student will be allocated to the right class. Classes are taught with a strong focus on real-world communication. In your class, you can expect to have lots of pair and group work, giving you as many opportunities as possible to use the English you are learning.

Students come from all around the world and from different backgrounds so you will be able to use your English with people form other cultures. Teachers like to bring in materials which are interesting for students such as newspapers, magazines, short videos, and even TED talks. We believe that the best way to learn is through relevant and up-to-date materiel.

There is also a cultural focus in class. You can expect to learn about Irish culture, music, and food. Course content follows a set syllabus so we can ensure that there are no gaps in your learning.

All of our courses are lined to the Common European Framework, which means that your final level and certificate will be clear and understood throughout Europe.

Extra Activities: We believe that the best way to improve your English is to use it all the time! With this in mind, we organise social activities every week to create logs of opportunities for students to get together socially to speak English outside the classroom.

What’s Included
• Welcome pack (maps, local information)
• Level test & teaching materials
• 20 hours‘ tuition per week
• +2 hours conversation classroom
• Free internet access, WIFI throughout the building
• Resource room, study & library facilities
• Certificate & skills report on course completion
• Social programme (some of the social activities available for extra fees)

General English courses are held at all our centres:
Dublin Lun Laoghaire,
Cork City,

New! Learning through Irish Music – Galway

Learning Through Music shows how teachers can integrate music into their teaching practices to stimulate learning, improve cognitive performance, and build connections. As a teaching tool, music has the potential to support language development, strengthen memorization, and enrich classroom dynamics.

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Overall Mobility Goals: Analyze the benefits of using music as a teaching tool. Discover the connections between music and cognitive performance, mood management and social cohesion. Learn about the power of group songs and sounds to create bonds and enhance learning. Evaluate materials/resources that can be used to develop music-based activities and projects. Workshop ideas for creative lesson plans.

Strengthen student motivation through contemporary texts and songs.

This course is obviously suitable for music teachers, but not exclusively. In particular, English teachers or others can take part and benefit from this course. You need at least an interest and understanding of music through singing or instruments, but you do not have to be a professional musician…

Mindfulness & English Course for teachers: theory and practice

Mindfullness – or translated “mindfulness” can improve and strengthen well-being as well as critical thinking, performance, creativity and empathy. These are all valuable life skills that can also be transferred to education professionals so that they can in turn pass it on to their students.

more information
The aim is also for participants to further develop their emotional intelligence and self-confidence.

Not just for young teachers: “Mindfullness” is one of the “new courses” in the field of education. Although the approach is not “new”.

Anyone who is over 50 certainly knows the topic of mindfulness and strengthening self-confidence from the 80s – however, a very interesting new connection is made here with „emotional intelligence“ and „empathy“, and the approach of this course is extraordinary , so this course in particular is extremely interesting and “new” for experienced specialists.

Requirement: B1 better than B2.

This course can also be combined with a GEN course or other courses.

CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)

Teaching a subject in the English language – bilingual teaching
• 1 or 2 week courses
• 20 lessons per week
• Group size: 12-16

Who is this course for?
Teachers: secondary, vocational (further education), university lecturers.
CLIL is aimed at those who teach a subject such as science, history, geography, or vocational subjects such as business, science, management, IT, or trades using English as a foreign language.

more information
In this course teachers will:
• Practise and refresh their own general language skills
• Discuss learning styles & relevant teaching methodology and lesson planning
• Learn creative and new methods
• Integrate with students of other cultures and different learning ability
• Practise new skills in workshops
• Reflect on ways to motivate students
• Address job-specific vocabulary and language
• Share experiences and views with colleagues and students from other EU regions
• Find out about Irish culture
The CLIL programmes are workshops based on meeting the needs of the group and individual teachers. In addition, there is a general programme involving teaching methodology, lesson planning, vocabulary, grammar, speech, and discussions in the English language.

This course is designed for teachers and educators to enhance and refresh their own skills in delivering subject content in English. The programme also includes a spoken performance component to allow teachers to improve their fluency in English as well as an introuction to Irish culture.

Cultural activities are organized in the afternoons and evenings which are designed to allow you to enjoy your experience in Ireland while making friends and improving your English at the same time.

Who is this course for?
CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) means that subjects are taught in another language than to their own and are teaching that subject in the English language.

This course therefore is for teachers of all disciplines using the English language in their class Teachers are welcome from all subject areas such as, but not restricted to Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Sports, Music, Art, Science, Biology, Chemistry, or vocational training: Business, Trade, Tourism, Management, Medicine, Law, or any other subject. The course is about learning how to teach your course in the “foreign” language in your country, in English.

Minimum Requirements: B1/B2
Where? Courses are held in Cork City, Galway and Dublin

Climatic change – Creating Green Classrooms – Galway

If you would like to incorporate positive ‘green’ practices into your teaching, this is the course for you. Teachers play a key role in communicating a progressive ‘green’ message to younger generations.

Green Classrooms is designed to show how teachers can bring lessons about sustainability and positive climate action into their everyday teaching.

more information
• Analyse ways of integrating ‘climate-positive’ practices into the secondary school classroom.
• Explore practical ways to make your classroom an eco-friendly space.
• Learn strategies for exploring green topics with your students – creative projects and activities.
• Evaluate materials/resources that can be used to develop green approaches in the classroom.
• Workshop ideas for creative lesson plans.
COURSE OBJECTIVES Overall objectives of the mobility. Analyse ways of integrating ‘climate-positive’ practices into the secondary school classroom. Explore practical ways to make your classroom an eco-friendly space. Learn strategies for exploring green topics with your students – creative projects and activities. Evaluate materials/resources that can be used to develop green approaches in the classroom. Workshop ideas for creative lesson plans.

Added value of the mobility. This course allows participants to develop their English language skills while sharing innovative teaching ideas with fellow educators.
Activities to be carried out
Completion of tasks to stimulate discussion and analysis of the ‘green classroom’. Workshop sessions in which participants reflect on how they can integrate ‘green’ activities into their teaching and share ideas with fellow participants. Opportunities to enhance English language skills through content-based lessons. Participants are directed towards online ‘green’ resources for educators. Cultural and heritage trips as part of a chaperoned group.

Expected outcomes and impact: This course offers a professional development opportunity designed to show teachers how they can integrate a positive green message into their teaching practice.

DESIGNED FOR Secondary Teachers
COURSE LENGTH Monday to Friday, 20 lessons / week +
Social and Cultural Activities + Full-day Tour on Sunday
ACCOMMODATION Self-Catering Shared Apartment or Host Family
CERTIFICATION Certificate of Participation and Attendance
OCUMENTS PROVIDED STT Invitation, Europass, Work Plan (on request), Certificate OID: E10256058

Topic examples for this course: Arrival Full-Day Tour to Wild Atlantic Way Possible tours include: Connemara Aran Islands Cliffs of Moher

Going Green – How green is your classroom? Is paperless possible? Eco-friendly Institutes; their stories Cultivating a green mind Green Students Exploring green topics with students Green clubs & competitions

Games & Activities for going green Green Community – Forming green communities Connecting with other organisations Educating others + individual responsibility

Green travel & transport The Green Outdoors Lesson planning for the green classroom Inspiring field trips + local community
Outdoor projects Green Resources for Educators Green Projects Getting creative; going green projects Tracking progress Next Steps; presenting our going green plans Review & Feedback

Walking Tour of Galway City ‘Getting to Know You’ – Tea & Chat Networking Wednesday Workshops Pub Night Explore Galway City – Digital Scavenger Hunt

New! Social & Emotional Learning – Galway

Social and emotional learning

more information
Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which young people and adults acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and achieve personal goals and learning objectives. This course is designed to introduce teachers to the principles of SEL and demonstrate how these strategies can be applied in the classroom to empower students to improve academic performance while reducing stress and anxiety.

English Language development:

This course is dedicated to the further development of language skills and that participants are also corrected e.g. using tools such as leading and leading negotiations, public speaking, debates, workshops, etc. This course is similar to the GEN course, but specifically for Teachers and other education employees.

Prerequisite: B2. If you have a lower language level, it is best to take a GEN course.

Blended Learning Technology– Dublin

The aim of this course is to prepare teachers to effectively integrate technology into their teaching. This course gives teachers the confidence to successfully integrate technology into most of their classes. It gives teachers who already have experience with technology in the classroom the ability to use technology in the classroom even more effectively and to teach optimally.

The course also includes Language Development (see above)

Important information  – all courses and bookings:

New courses/combination courses:

Many courses are combined with General English or Language Development. As a rule, there is a 1 week English language course or language development and the 2nd week is pure teacher training. Depending upon your wishes, this can be the other way around.

Are the courses the same in all course locations?

No. The course content of the various schools or course locations differs slightly from each other, but sometimes only slightly. This is also the reason why, for example: the Tech/Media/Blended learning courses have different names but similar content. Should this be an issue for your EU project, we are happy to send you the course curriculum before you book.

Please note that cultural events, excursions planned outside of the training rooms, but also other course teaching can change at short notice due to Corona or other conditions. World Wide Qualifications or your schools or training centre in Ireland therefore reserve the right to make price and program changes at any time without notice.

For more Information please
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