About World Wide Qualifications:

World Wide Qualifications is an organisation which provides comprehensive language services to teachers, educators, and professionals. Since 1999 we have been providing TEFL training programmes facilitating the ESL teacher qualification for graduates.

Erasmus Plus:
Since 2006 we have been involved with many EU funded exchange projects under both the Comenius & Leonardo programmes, and since 2014 under Erasmus+, with a focus on teacher training, English courses for academics and educators.

Check our „Erasmusplus“ pages for more details on EU funded courses.

School students and junior courses:
World Wide Qualifications also provides programmes for school students: student exchange programmes, junior camps, au-pair placements in Ireland, English language programmes for children and teenagers as well as family learning programmes in different countries.

Travel, Accommodation, and Leisure:
Our aim is to provide professional services to teachers, professionals, students, and parents – with a focus on a real learning and cultural experience. By providing additional travel arrangements, World Wide Qualifications provides excellent accommodation at an affordable price: airport pick-ups, insurance, emergency service and always has an open ear for your questions. During the education courses, participants can also join sports and/or art and culture based activities as well as excursions. This gives participants a good balance to the classroom learning and helps to facilitate the communication between participants from many different nationalities.

Future and Environment:
World Wide Qualifications believes in saving nature and the environment and that in the long term, the environment can only be saved with (much) better education for all. We will therefore provide and are currently planning new courses for teachers and students, providing seminars in this field in an effort to help save our future on this Earth. We are already promoting several schools who have already started to put a plan into action, such as becoming plastic-free, using environmentally safe building materials for expansions, and including environmental issues into their language courses.

TEFL and TESOL Qualification: Any native speaker with a degree can become an ESL English teacher after undertaking a 4-week TEFL or TESOL course and relevant work experience.

World Wide Qualifications has been providing TEFL and TESOL courses since 1999.

Please see our TEFL pages for details.


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TEFL Course / TESOL Course with TEFL International: Work as an English teacher at beautiful locations in New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, China, Korea, Egypt, Spain, France, Italy, UK.

Get the accredited TESOL (TEFL) qualification and employment as an English teacher.

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