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TEFL TESOL Course France, Plelauff

Step back into a fairy tale time as you spend a medieval month on our TEFL International course in Brittany, France. Our new French location in Plelauff, a scenic French village in the center of Brittany (Côtes-d’Armor), is close to the region’s rugged coastlines, steep cliffs and numerous medieval towns. Plelauff is an ideal place to study. A quiet, charming, peaceful village but central to everything you need. Nearby leisure activities include walking, cycling, quad-biking, fishing, horse-riding and for the romantic -- even international dance classes. 

View from a bedroom windowPlelauff is 10 minutes down the road from Rostrenen, a medieval town with a historical 16th century manoir used in the Revolution and famous for its market of organic breads, vegetables, cheeses and traditional Breton products. Nearby are excellent creperies and Lake Guerledan – popular for jet and water skiing, sailing and golf or just a winter stroll before stopping in a bar with a roaring fire. The 7th century historical town of Pontivy, well-known for the moated castle of Rohan and the Notre-Dame-de-Joie basilica, is only twenty minutes away.

Bretons are renowned for their friendliness and many speak French as well as Breton (a Celtic-based language similar to Welsh). The province takes on a medieval feeling as many of the people still wear traditional lace head-dresses and the region seeps in supernatural and fairy-tale lore. Said to be the final resting place of Merlin and where King Arthur and Guinevere married, Bretons are famous for their supernatural stories, creatures and magical fountains. Common foods include local cheeses, lobster, crab, scallops, oysters, crepes, and cider-making.

And with all this to look forward to, we invite you to sample “Medieval France” with TEFL International in the Breton village of Plelauff.


  • Historically one of the richest regions on earth. Europe’s oldest and France’s most preserved castle, medieval towns, friendly people and more.
  • Perfect for studying, yet just a short train trip from all the action in Rennes. 
  • Two weekend day trips (max. 8 people per trip):  
    • The Village of MauzacWeek 1 to include – Mont St. Michel and Saint Malo and Dinard / Dinarn. France’s most famous northern sights such as: 1,000 Gothic island Abbey and town of Mont St, Michel; dozens of museums such as Jeanne d’Arc’s; walled fortress city of Saint Malo; Jacques Cartier’s residence as well as aquariums, spas and more castles. 
    • Week 2 to include either a trip to (a) Quimper (b) or the capital of Brittany, Rennes. The former is a Gothic-style town well-known for it’s footbridges, crêperies, Brittany’s best cider and numerous museums. The latter may include museums, monuments and nightlife (25% of the population in Rennes are students and hostel beds start at €10 a night).
    • Week 3 - options are yours? Relax and catch up on your studying, Head off to the Western coast for to relax or take in the bright lights of Paris. This Friday’s class will finish at 4:00 pm so that anyone wishing to spend the weekend in Paris, Normandy or elsewhere can catch the train. Just ask us and we can help you find some reasonable places to stay.
  • Perfect for studying and staying focused when you need to, yet just a short train trip from all the action.


  • Your fellow students come from different countries and various continents
  • Your teacher trainers are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the industry
  • Your support staff is extremely helpful, courteous and will assist you with whatever you need

„Courses for each location start just about every month. For exact course dates,
please contact > info@tefl-qualification.com“.



How to get a Job in France:

I recently went to Paris on the big TEFL job hunt and thought I might share my advice on HOW TO GET A JOB. they say its "almost impossible" for Americans to get a work visa or a good job in France, and I'd like to prove that theory wrong. You just have to go about it the right way.

  • Come prepared. Get your TEFL International TESOL Certificate. Bring birth certificates, CVs in both French and English, and handwritten cover letters in both languages. Make sure to also bring several passport photos and transcripts from any schools you have attended.
  • Find schools and group them by area. I'd get a list of schools from the British council, as the yellow pages was basically useless. I marked on my map all the schools in each district (arrondisement) and each day visited as many schools as possible in the same district (this limits time spent on metros and limits walking).
  • Get a cell phone. For only 115 Euros or so, you can have a rechargeable phone with you at all times so that potential employers can contact you no matter where you are. As soon as I got the number I put it on all my CVs and cover letters.
  • Start visiting schools! Some schools outright rejected me ("Not unless you marry a french man!" they'd scoff). Other schools just accepted my CV without comment, only to later call and ask if I had a work visa and THEN reject me. A lot of schools waited over a week to call me, but by then I'd already found a job. But I suggest you be prepared for at least a week's lag time between when you drop by and when they call.
  • On the third day of my search, I got an interview. A few days later, I showed up and got the job. I went to one other interview after that, just for curiosity's sake (to see if I'd get a better offer), but overall I'd say it was not NEARLY as bad as I was warned it would be.

Of course, I had to go back to the U.S. for three months to get my work visa, but there's no other way to do it, besides working illegally (something I wasn't willing to do). Anyways, hope my advice is helpful to you!


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