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Teaching English as a foreign language in High Schools and Primary Schools, Universities and with companies – Information about Scholarship, Wages on different places – Find English Teaching with us
There are currently plenty of job vacancies in “Teaching English as a foreign language” in high schools and primary schools, Universities, private schools and with companies.
How to find a job: TEFL International has a job placement assistent program which will help you find a job. They also have plenty of jobs on "their books" and most students are recruited directly through the institute.

You will get all the relevant information during your course.

TEFL offers scholarships in affiliation with certain companies like “Camp Europe”, or Nike in Asia. Although you have to pay for the course first, you can get cash back after successful completion and by signing up with employers for a period of time (2-12 months). If you are interested, please mention this in your application.

The lower wage stated below, usually include housing and other benefits. In Asia, you earn almost double in big cities, but the cost of living is also double, compared to country locations. Degree holders usually get a higher wage, than people without a degree backing there TESOL qualification.
Teachers with at least 12 months of teaching experience also get higher wage brackets.
We have not included any private tuition below. Many English teachers have private students from the local area who pay by the hour. In Asia you can charge about $10-20 an hour, and in Europe $20-70 for this service.

It is advisable to check each job advert once you start applying for jobs. The $500 jobs are sometimes better than the $1500 jobs, because of living expenses and other expenses may be included. The cost of living varies not only between countries, but also between cities. Wheras a dingy room in Bangkok could cost you US$ 500 a month, a nice house in a beautiful country area of Northern Thailand or the (non-touristy) Southcoast, may only cost US$150 a month. This is why it is a good idea to chose your TEFL / TESOL course in the country you would like to work. The TEFL staff at your location will know and advise you during your course of what to watch out for.

However, you can do your TEFL /TESOL course in another country and work elsewhere, of course. Other TEFL International locations are happy to assist !

The government recently advised its schools to employ native speaking English teachers. US companies like Nike run regular English learning programs. The growing tourism industry needs more English speaking locals. The pay is good, cost of living low. There are presently a lot more job vacancies than teachers. You may find yourself working right by the beach! Approx, wage: $ 500 –$1800 net , average cost of living : $150-300 monthly, in Bangkok up to $600.

Korea & Egypt:
Are keen to take part in European and US trade and need English teachers. Government schools are crying out for teachers! The working conditions and pay are even better.

The Vietnam TEFL center was purposefully set up because of the huge job market. The pay is still surprisingly high at $8 to $15 an hour. Cost of living very low, about US$50- US$ 150 per month. And, Vietnam has not been spoiled by package tourism yet, the people are really friendly, and they just love to learn!

Costa Rica
Costa Rica has currently excellent job opportunities. Income ranges from U$ 500 - US$1500 depending on location and if accommodation is included. However, you should be able to speak a little spanish or portuguese in order to survive a job interview, because the school principal at a public school often does not speak a word of English! Be prepared to learn the language when you get there!

New Zealand and Australia
New Zealand and Australia of course, are English speaking countries. However, both countries have the highest amount of foreign language schools of any country. Asia is not far away, and yearly thousands of Asian students come to Australia or New Zealand for a "English learning holiday". This is why you find a lot of jobs there. Naturally, the competition for these jobs is high, because many New Zealanders and Australians teach. However, preference is always given to people who already have some experience especially in Asia. Our suggestion, if you do consider Australia as a place to work, do your TEFL course anywhere and teach in Asia for about 6 months, and then go to Australia and apply for a job! You will have a good chance! The wages are excellent: About US$ 1200 - US$ 1500, depending on the location. There is also big money to be made in private teaching. Students from all over the world are invited to study at Universities in New Zealand and Australia. Almost all of them need help with their English when it comes to writing essays.

Incredible amount of job vacancies for English teachers in schools and for companies! Working and living conditions for teachers are excellent, pay is low, but due to cheap living you can save a lot. Approx wage: $400- $1000 net , average cost of living: $50-$200 monthly.

Although TEFL International has no school in Japan yet, there are plenty of jobs. You may work hard but you get a high salary, around $70 per hour!

World trade is done in English and the Spanish, the Italians and even the French want to learn English. There is a current rush on language schools in these countries and teachers are desperately needed. Approx. wage: € 1000-€2000 net. Average cost of living € 400 to € 800 monthly.

TEFL is also affiliated with “Camp Europe” who are looking to train English teachers to teach recreation activities as well as English.
With each European country, it is advisable to know a little bit of the language of that country! Wheras you get by with English only in Asia, Italy, and especially France, as well as the South of Spain is a difficult place if you don't speak the language. You won't need another language to teach, however, there is live after work - and you will enjoy it a lot more if you speak the language!

If you don't speak any of these languages yet, let us know and we can organise an intensive language school for you near your TEFL course leading up to, or following your course.

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